The Pure Stride family of products are designed to help you walk in comfort. Many of the typical foot ailments including planter fasciitis, heel spurs and metatarsal pain. Order online or visit one of our many dealers. 
Pure Stride Full Length and 3/4 Orthotics. The 4 layer design help cushions yet support the foot. Perfect product for people with heel spurs, planter fasciitis and metatarsalgia.
Pure Stride Dress Orthotics. These devices are perfect for men and women who need arch support but wearing dress shoes,  high heels and flats. The thin composite shell offers plenty of support. There is a padded metatarsal area for added comfort. 

Pure Stride Kids Orthotics. These 4 layer design orthotics offer plenty of arch support for the active child. They are available in 8 sizes so as their feet grow they can move into the next sized orthotic.
Pure Stride Comfort Insoles. These insoles are made out of polyurethane with a antimicrobial mesh top. These comfort insoles are perfect for people with metatarsalgia or people just needing extra comfort when walking.

Pure Stride Therapeutic Flip Flops and Slides. We took the arch support of the orthotics and put it in the flip flops. These EVA flip flops and sandals relieve the pain with planter fasciitis and heel pain. They are great as a recovery sandal. Use these in the house or out of the house. If you are suffering from heel pain and that first step out of bed is painful then put these on first!!