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Our goal is your satisfaction. For over 11 years, Pure Stride has made it our mission to provide people with the perfect solution for their foot pain at the perfect price. In response to an increasing need for a high-quality and durable orthotic to help relieve foot pain, the Pure Stride orthotic was born. Pure Strides are designed by skilled podiatrists and provide both function and comfort. They have quickly become the highest rated over-the-counter orthotic, recommended by podiatrists. We strive to provide you with that first step feeling, every single step.

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That first step feeling ™

Pure Strides are the perfect solution – effective, affordable, and easily available. Our patented Pure Stride orthotic design uses only high quality materials and consists of four distinct layers. Utilizing this four layer design results in a superior and comfortable orthotic.

We continue to improve upon and enhance our designs and now offer over 30 products to help those suffering with common foot ailments. We have everything ranging from pre-fabricated orthotics to our flip flops and slides. Our newest product release is the Pure Stride RX Professional Series Orthotic which adds a fifth layer for enhanced performance and higher durability. You can find our orthotics here.

Relax and Recover

Pure Stride Therapeutic Flip Flops and Slides do not disappoint. These supportive and comfy sandals feature a patented, built-in arch support and deep heel cup to alleviate heel, arch and metatarsal pain. Pure Stride Flip Flops and slides are manufactured with high quality EVA foam that quickly molds to the feet to provide instant relief. They can be worn inside or out. Flip flops and slides can be found here.

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Foot Pads

Eliminate Pain and Pressure

Pure Stride Foot Pad products provide maximum comfort and relief for Bunions, Heel Spurs, Hammertoes, Plantar Fasciitis and many other painful foot conditions. They can be used alone or with Pure Stride orthotics to maximize relief. Pure Stride foot pads are washable and reusable and can be trimmed to provide the best fit. See the full collection here.

Our promise to you

For over 11 years, we have made it our mission to focus on customer needs by providing excellent and affordable products that improve everyday life for those suffering with foot pain. We remain committed to that mission today, providing outstanding customer service, high quality products, and proven pain relief, all of which are our keys to success here at Pure Stride. If you have questions for us you can check out our FAQ page, or write us a message on our contact page.

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